Xylocopa confusa Bee


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Xylocopa confusa Bee Bits & Bugs
BAXC - 070402
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SPECIES  Xylocopa confusa Female

ORIGIN   Indonesia

FRAME   14.5x14.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  AKA Carpenter Bee. Great coloured bee - shiney black body with golden coloured patch on the thorax. The wings have a purple / green / blue  metallic shine when angled against the light. Note this bee is approximately 22mm in length with a wingspan of approximately 40mm. The male of this species is a dull brown.

We also frame this blue bee together with the yellow thorax bee BDXC

Family Apidae

Sub family Xylocopinae

Tribe Xylocopini

Genus Xylocopa

Binominal Name Xylocopa confusa
Pérez, 1901