About Us

Bits & Bugs b&b™ is an Australian owned company. Our international sales, marketing and design is based in Queensland, Australia with production of our framed butterflies and insects in the Philippines. All our framed mounted specimens are professionally done by skilled artisans in house. We make our own frames, carefully prepare and mount each specimen. As such you can be reassured that the quality of mounting is first class. We do not ever mount on cheap cotton backing ( riker mounts ).

Since 1998 b&b™ has been supplying our Australian designed range of mounted framed real butterflies, framed real beetles, framed real arachnids, framed real moths, framed dragonflies and other framed insect home decor products to :-

Our framed real butterfly and framed insect natural home decor art is highly sought after as both unique and mainstream gift items.

 Our highly skilled staff have been working with the company for over a decade. Dedicated to offering you the highest quality framed butterflies and insects available,  b&b™ has thousands of items sourced world wide ready for framing.