Papilio ulysses + Ornithoptera priamus poseidon


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Papilio ulysses + Ornithoptera priamus poseidon
BNULOPP - 100301
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 SPECIES  Papilio ulysses + Ornithoptera priamus poseidon

 ORIGIN   Australasia

 FRAME   21.5x29.5xD5cm. Made from recycled products.

 DESCRIPTION  Papilio ulysses -  Brilliant blue and black combination. Set in white matt species label back of frame.  Papilio ulysses commonly known as the Dunk Island butterfly from Queensland (   Australia ). Various races of the species are found in # Indonesia, # Papua New Guinea, # the Solomons, as well as the subspecies joesa in northern Queensland Australia. When perched, the iridescent blue   is hidden by the still attractive but darker underwings. They often fly above or on the edge of the canopy, frequently along rivers and the side of the road, and are commonly attracted to gardens. As it opens   and shuts its wings in flight, the flashing of it's bright blue can be seen from several hundred metres away. Its caterpillar feeds on the pretty 'Pink Evodia' tree that can be found along the roadsides. This   butterfly is the most popular framed butterfly we have in stock and great as a present for International visitors. It comes in a variety of frame variations.Papilio ulysses + Ornithoptera priamus poseidon

Ornithoptera priamus poseidon - Bright emerald green / black wings AKA Cairns Birdwing. The female in contrast is a dull brown and black. This birdwing ( although not endemic ) is found in the far north in   the tropical rainforests of Queensland. As larva feeds on the poisonous Aristolochia vine it makes this butterfly unpalatable to predators. The careful conservation of its preferred habitats has ensured this   butterfly is no longer endangered. This butterfly indeed can also be seen in many gardens if its food plant is provided. It is a very beautiful butterfly and one we are hoping to be able to stock all year round.

 This butterfly is farmed and has been imported with permits.




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