Papilio laglaizei ( not for sale )

Papilio laglaizei ( not for sale )
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SPECIES  Papilio laglaizei M


FRAME 16.5x16.5xD5cm Made from recycled products. 

DESCRIPTION  Rare swallowtail butterfly. From the front it is a direct mimic of the Alcides agathyrsus moth. We have showcased the verso colourful side. Not much is known apart that it is found on mainland PNG and its host plant is Litsia sp. Male butterflies fly high in an erratic way. They may establish a territory which often consists of an opening between trees at the edge of the forest. In a space often not larger than a few square meters, they fly up and down chasing any flying creature in sight. Females have a more sluggish flight.



As we rarely receive this beautiful butterfly we have decided to keep it in our collection but thought our clients may want to view this rare species.