Nephlia sp. + centipede


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Nephlia spider + centipede
BHSN - 090101
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SPECIES  Scolopendra morsitians+ Scolopendra morsitans

ORIGIN   South East Asia

FRAME   20x20xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  AKA Red-headed centipedeCentipedes from the family Scolopendridae which agressively catch and kill live prey such as small arthropods. They kill their prey via a neurotoxin so they can then caputure and digest. They are usually found under logs, leaves and litter on the forest floor.The colouration varies from country to country as they are widely distributed throughout Australia, Africa and South East Asia. 

AKA Golden orb weaver. Found in most gardens the orb weavers are one of the largest spiders found in Australia. Huge golden webs between trees can be over one meter in diameter. The web is very strong and often small birds can be stuck in its web. The females can measure up to 45mm whilst the small male 6mm is often found in the far edge of the females web. They are non poisonous but best to be avoided.