Idolomantis diabolica Devils Mantis Male + Female


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Idolomantis diabolica Devils Mantis Male + Female
BNIDMF - 080101
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SPECIES  Idolomantis diabolica female + male 

ORIGIN  Tanzania

FRAME   21.5x29.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  AKA Devil's flower mantis from the family Empusidae. This large mantis which is the colour of a dead leaf has wonderful camouflage and like all mantis they rise up use their powerful front legs to grasp and maintain a strong grip on the prey. The mandibles are then "wielded as formidable weapons" to decapitate and devour the prey. This is the largest of all mantis. 

Please note these are natural specimens and some may have small chips out of some areas - these are hardly noticeable.

Huge specimens !!! 

 ref  Schmidt, Chris. "Morphological and Functional Diversity of Ant Mandibles". Tree of Life. Retrieved 1 April 2014.