Death's-head moth species


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Deaths Head Hawk Moths Silence of the Lambs moth
BEAAS - 100302
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SPECIES  Acherontia styx + Acherontia atropos

ORIGIN   Thailand / Europe

FRAME   15.5x28.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  AKA Lesser Death's Head Hawk moth or Bee Robber. Found throughout Asia these are two of the three species of Acherontia hawk moths. Note the difference in the A. styx to the appearance to that of the European Acherontia atropos. There are 2 bands instead of 1 on the underside of the forewing and the skull like marking is somewhat darker. It has a fearsome reputation as it was traditionally seen an an omen of death.

It is identified by its yellow striped abdomen and skull like marking on it’s thorax. ( Skull like markings vary from moth to moth )

Known as the prophecy of doom in Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native and tormentor of the unstable King George lll this moth developed a sinister reputation.

More recently this moth was made famous by the chilling psychological thriller The Silence of the Lambs in which the serial killer leaves  a pupae of this moth as a  “ calling card “ in the throats of his victims.

This moth is a robber. Unlike most moths this large species is able to trick bee colonies into allowing it to enter hives in order to take honey directly from them without being stung. It has a hard outer cuticle and is said to mimic the queen bee in size and appearance and odour thus allowing it to move about inside the honeycombs. It is able to emit a loud shreik when disturbed but is generally harmless.

Our framed specimens are farmed. Please note markings may vary.

Strictly limited stock. Rarely framed with two species.


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