Cicada 6


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Cicada 6
BGCI6 - 070403
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 SPECIES  Tosena splendida , Ayuthia spectabilis, Cryptotympana mandarina, Trengannua sivylla, Marotrisia chantranei, Formotosena montivaga

 ORIGIN   Thailand / Malaysia

 FRAME   28.5x25.5xD5cm. Made from recycled products. 

 DESCRIPTION  Combination of 6 assorted colours and sized cicada.

Cicadas are the loudest insects in the world and there are more than 200 species in Australia.

It is thought that the sound produced by some communal species can act as a defence against predatory birds and some are even loud enough (120 decibels) to be painful to the human ear. Cicadas also often sing in chorus, which makes it more difficult for a predator to locate an individual.

Please note some variations of species may occur due to seasonal availability


Cicada facts:

  • Only male cicadas sing. They do this in an attempt to find a mate.
  • Different species have different songs to attract only their own kind.
  • Adult cicadas have short lives, usually only a few weeks.
  • Most of their lives are spent as nymphs underground. For some species this can be up to several years.
  • Cicadas feed only on plant sap using their piercing, sucking mouthparts.
  • Cicadas feed on a huge range of plants, including eucalypts and grasses.
  • Birds, bats, spiders, wasps, ants, mantids and tree crickets all prey on cicadas.