Chrysochroa rajah


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Chrysochroa rajah
BAICRA - 070401
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SPECIES  Chrysochroa rajah

ORIGIN   Thailand

FRAME   14.5x14.5xD5cm Made from recycled products

DESCRIPTION  AKA jewel beetle . The elytra ( hardened wings ) are highlighted with a metallic green the reflective qualities make it shimmer in the light. 

This highly metallic emerald green beetle is from the family Buprestidae. Jewel Beetles are also known as Metallic Wood-boring Beetles.

Jewel Beetles are very distinctive in appearance. They have large eyes, short antenna and are often very brightly coloured or even metallic. Some Jewel Beetles mimic the appearance of other, bad-tasting insects as a form of protection, but mimicry is limited to just colour and patterning, not body shape.

Nearly all Jewel Beetles are active during the day and are particularly lively in hot, sunny weather. They are easily disturbed and will fly away or drop to the ground and feign death to avoid harm.

The adults of some species, particularly the more colourful ones, eat nectar and flower petals. Jewel Beetles are important pollinators. The adults of other species eat bark or leaves.


  • "Field Guide to Insects in Australia, A" by Paul Zborowski and Ross Storey; Reed New Holland (Australia) Pty Ltd; 3rd Edition; 2010; ISBN 9781877069659

Set in white matt species label back of frame