Australian Jewel Beetles


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Australian Jewel Beetles
BEAB5 - 080301
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SPECIES  Metaxymorpha gloriosa + hauseri, Castiarina erubescens + rollei , Cyria imperialis

ORIGIN   Australia

FRAME   15.5x28.5xD5cm Made from recycled products. 

DESCRIPTION  The Metaxymorpha is a genus of beetles in the Buprestidae family found in the tropical forests of far North Queensland. They are normally around 2-3cm and are prized for their beautiful colourations from gold to red and metallic green. Truely a jewel beetle gem. These beautiful Australian beetles emerge in the summertime to coordinate with flowering of native plants including Eucalyptus and Tea trees. All these beetles are part of the gloriosa mimicing group and can be seen feeding on the same tree.

Metaxymoprpha gloriosa`s host plant is Goia lasionura. Castiarina is the best mimicry genus in Australia. 

Cyria imperialis - AKA Banksia jewel beetle described by The Danish naturalist Johan Christian Fabricius . It has a beautiful black and gold elytra.


Rarely framed in this combination as these are difficult to source.

Species labels back of frame