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danaus chrysippus yoma sabina vindula arsinoe
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SPECIES  Danaus chrysippus Yoma sabina Vindula arsinoe

 ORIGIN  Australasia

 FRAME   15.5x28.5xD5cm. Made from recycled products. 

 DESCRIPTION   These are some of our best-known butterflies often seen soaring around our gardens. Great trio of Australian species and a wonderful gift for  international   tourists.

 AKA The Lesser Wanderer Danaus chrysippus . Rusty brown orange with white and black colourations in the wings of this butterfly. The sub species petilia is native to   Australia. The butterfly is a vagrant and can occur throughout Australia, including Kangaroo Island and Tasmania.  It has an extensive distribution outside of Australia that   includes much of the hotter parts of the eastern Hemisphere, and occurs as various subspecies and forms. Also available in single form BADCR

 AKA The Lurcher Yoma sabina. This is a northern rainforest species found along the forests of far north QLD and Darwin. It has a floppy erratic flight - hence the name. When   perched with wings closed on tree trunks or among leaf litter iit is almos impossible to detect, owing to its ' dead-leaf ' pattern on the underside of its wings. Also available in   single form BAYS

 AKA The Cruiser Vindula arsinoe. This dazzling rust coloured butterfly is common in the tropical rainforests of North Queensland. The males are strong fliers and often perch in   sunny patches with wings half way opened. Larval food plants include Passiflora aurantia. Also available in single form BAVA


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