Anoplognathus aeneus Australian Xmas beetle


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Xmas beetle Anoplognathus aeneus  bugs beetles framed insects  Bits & Bugs
BANAE - 070102
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SPECIES  Anoplognathus aeneus

ORIGIN   Australia

FRAME   14.5x14.5xD5cm Made from recycled products

DESCRIPTION  AKA Christmas beetle as they are often found noisily flying around lights around December. Beautiful metallic green winged scarab beetle which is around 28-30mm. The Anoplognathus genus has some 35 species all commonly known as Christmas beetles and come in a variety of colours from plain brown to a beautiful gold colour. They have a two year life cycle living and developing in the soil for a year and emerging towards the end of Winter when they feed on the nearest food plant - their preferred food is the tender leaves at the top of Eucalytpus trees. Mating is their number one priority and eggs are usually laid close to their food source.

Many Christmas beetles come in a variety of colours from light golden brown to the metallic green colours ( more prevelant in the far north Queensland )

We have set this beetle within white matt board to highlight its beautiful green colouration. This beetle is farmed and sourced locally. Limited item