Anax junius


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Anax junius dragonfly for sale framed home decor interior design Bits & Bugs
BBAJ - 020302
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SPECIES  Anax junius


FRAME   16.5x16.5xD5cm Made from recycled products. 

DESCRIPTION AKA Common Green Darner. Adults are found in a large variety of habitats. They spend much of their time in riparian habitats, which may be close to the water where they emerged, or it may be where they will lay their eggs. Adult common green darners often perch in herbaceous vegetation, especially during the night. Since some populations migrate thousands of kilometers, they are often spotted in many different habitats during the trip. Migrations are very common along coastlines and other landmarks, so dunes and beaches are popular habitats. They also live and forage in forests, grasslands, and deserts, though nearby water sources are necessary. Nymphs are aquatic, and are found in lakes, ponds, and slow streams. ref