Titanus giganteus ( coming soon strictly limited supply )


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BNTG - 070103
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SPECIES  Titanus giganteus male


FRAME   21.5x29.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  AKA The Titan beetle. Found in tropical forests near the equator in south America this longhorn beetle is the worlds biggest beetle and can grow up to 160mm. The larvae live for several years in buried decaying wood with adults emerging for a brief annual flight period during which they reproduce and die. 

*Adult males have an impressive threat display when disturbed:

  • they make a loud hissing sound by expelling air from their ‘spiracles’ (or breathing holes) along the sides of the body
  • they also have defensive spines on the inside margins of the legs (absent in the female) and on the sides of the thorax
  • and an impressive pair of ‘nutcracker’ jaws that can break a pencil or make star shaped cracks in a plastic ruler

*Source - NHM 

Set in white matt these specimens are HUGE !!!!  

The Titanus giganteus is now protected in French Guiana since July 2019.  Only one specimen per year per person is allowed and must be declared.

We were able to get one of the last packages out and as such these are strictly limited items.