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Spider Scorpion framed Bits & Bugs
BESPSLA - 080401
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SPECIES  Hetrometrus spinifer +  Eurypelma spinicrus ( species may vary )

ORIGIN   Thailand / Indonesia 

FRAME   15.5x28.5xD3cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  Combination of medium spider and scorpion.

Scorpions have a long sting - bearing tail and pair of pincers on long arms ( pedipalps ). They have 6-12 eyes but not very good eyesight but have very good low light sensitivity which helps navigation by moonlight. They prey at night using the sensory body hairs and slit organs on their legs that pick up vibrations and scents. Crushing their victims the scorpion digests it by pouring digestive juices on the prey and breaking it up with its powerful claws.

Colours range from dark grey to dark browns and light gold. Scorpions flouresce under ultraviolet light. All scorpions have a venomous sting but deaths are rare and usually only from species found in Nth Africa, the Middle East and India.

Australia has scorpions - small species that live in the rainforests of the north and larger ones as far south as Victoria as well as our desert scorpion some of which can grow up to 12cm. Found under rocks and logs and building scrap it is wise to tred carefully and wear gloves when removing garden debris.

The spider comprises, eight legs, two pedipalps at the front end and two spinnerets at the rear and is a common spider found in SE Asia.

We also stock each species in separate frames. BBES    BESC