Prosopocoilus bison cinctus


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Prosopocoilus bison cinctus
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SPECIES  Prosopocoilus bison cinctus

ORIGIN   Indonesia

FRAME   16.5x16.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  Male can grow to 6cm and are popular with hobbyist breeders. With over 1,000 species in the family Lucanidae a single species can come in several different forms some with large mandibles some with different colourations within the same species which is usually determined by habitat. They usually can fly and typically have four wings. Two of the wings are hardened (elytra) and serve as a body cover to protect the flying wings and abdomen. The outer elytra is a golden brown and the middle is a dark cinnomen colour whilst the thorax has a golden brown border. Very pretty specimen.