Papilio rumanzovia viso label


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Papilio rumanzovia
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SPECIES  Papilio rumanzovia viso

ORIGIN   Philippines

FRAME   16.5x16.5xD5cm Made from recycled products. 

DESCRIPTION  AKA The Scarlet Mormon Stunning red and black butterfly from the family Papilionidae and was named after Nicholas Rumanzow, Chancellor of the Russian Empire. It derives its name from the tails on the back edges of its wings that resemble the forked tails of swallows. Adult Papilio rumanovia butterflies feed on the nectar from a variety of flowers, while their caterpillars feed on the leaves and flowers of citrus plants. One of our most popular framed butterflies. The viso side shown is a beautiful combination of black and silvery grey veins highlighted with 2 dots on bottom wings. 

Also available verso matt BJPRM and  viso BBPRUM  and Male available BBPR