Panoploscelis specularis

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Spiny giant katydid Panoploscelis specularis Bits & Bugs
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SPECIES  Panoploscelis specularis female and male


FRAME   25.5x28.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION AKA Giant Lobster Cricket. Huge female and male katydid note the exceptionally thorny legs. They are incapable of flying due to their reduced wing size ( brachypterous ). Thus they are ground dwellers foraging for food such as small insects or leaves in the undergrowth mainly at night. Note the long sword-shaped ovipositor on this female which is approximately half the length of her body. They are well camouflaged with their rustic brown colouration and have several methods to deter predators. Loud high frequency single tone sound deter bats whilst their powerful mandibles inflict painful bites. A fancinating creature ! .

Not often stocked in male and female.