Orange spot trio


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Orange spot trio
BAO3 - 100102
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SPECIES  Argynnis paphia

ORIGIN   China

FRAME   14.5x14.5xD5cm Made from recycled products. 

DESCRIPTION  AKA The silver-washed fritillary. from the family Nymphalidae this fritillary has burnt orange with black dots on its wings. It favours most flowers The Buddleia , Aster, Zinnia, Rubus which stand among the preferred ones.

Argynnis was a very beautiful woman loved by Agamemnon who, in order to remember her upon her demise, erected a temple in her honour, a place which later on became a destination for the pilgrims going to worship Aphrodite (Venus). In such way, the name of Argynnis was connected to the goddess of beauty.