Morpho sulkowskyi label ( sold out back in stock Jan 2024 )


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Real butterfly framed Morpho sulkowskyi Bits&Bugs
BBMSLA - 050401
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SPECIES  Morpho sulkowskyi


FRAME   16.5x16.5xD5cm Made from recycled products. 

DESCRIPTION  Metallic lilac pearlescent blue colouration on this beautiful morpho. Its brilliant iridescent colouring varies depending on the angle of the frame there by having a holographic shine. It is a tropical Andes cloud forest butterfly found at elevations as high as 3500m.

It is also found in Ecuador and Colombia.

Please note all Morpho butterflies are mounted without abdomen. The abdomen of the Morpho emits a grease like substance which stains the backboard. All professional mounts will not have an abdomen attached.