Morpho peleides hyacinthus


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Butterfly framed Morpho peleides Bits&Bugs
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SPECIES  Morpho peleides hyacinthus


FRAME   20x20xD3cm Made from recycled products. Available in black or white frame. 

DESCRIPTION  Stunning metallic hyacinth blue bands on the viso wings of this male. Outer fore wings are interspersed with white dots ona a fringed wing. The Blue Morpho butterfly has 6-10 layers of branches that make up tree like structures, resulting in multilayer that selectively reflects blue. The color of the Blue Morpho butterfly stays in the blue regardless of the viewing angle. The pigment beneath each of these scale absorbs the unnecessary green to red light, which reduces the background reflection and enhances the blue structural color. The verso side is in stark contrast with dull brown colouring with various sized eyespots ( ocelli )  from the Latin oculus (eye).

Set in white matt species label back of frame

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