Lampropepla rothschildii

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Lampropepla rothschildii
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SPECIES  Lampropepla rothschildii 

ORIGIN  Madagascar

FRAME  14.5x14.5xD3cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  This Jewel beetle is from the family Buprestidae which is extraordinary as many have a fantastic multi - metallic colouring. Note the ' extra ' set of eyes near the top of the head - a great deterrent to predators. The body is an unusual shade of ruby maroon highlighted with white speckles. The legs are a metallic bright green with two golden eye spots centered with black dots. A most unusual collection of colours.

This beetle is otherwise known as a wood boring beetle. The larvae bore under bark or in wood and take one - three years to fully develop. The larvae are sometimes referred to as flat-headed borers due to the larvae having a flattened and expanded anterior end. Many wood boring beetles do serious damage to trees and can have considerable economic importance affecting timber crops.

However these beautiful beetles are great adapters in life cycle and morphology and have important roles as nutrient recyclers in forest ecosystems.