Hadogenes paucidens Female


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Hadogenes paucidens scorpion
BBHPAF 090201
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SPECIES   Hadogenes paucidens Female

ORIGIN    Tanzania

FRAME   14.5x14.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION   AKA Banded Flat Rock Scorpion. These scorpions have a  somewhat flattened appearance and live under rocks, fallen tree logs or loose forest litter. . Their claws are big in relation to their body.

Please note formation may vary.


Scorpions are common arachnids found in gardens and forests throughout Australia. They are found under logs, rocks and in shallow burrows in earth banks. There are also desert species that construct deep spiral burrows in desert sand. Scorpions are mostly nocturnal but they can be active during the day, especially during prolonged wet weather. Scorpions tend to be larger and more venomous in the northern parts of Australia. The largest Australian scorpions can grow to 12 cm long, but many forest dwellers are only small. - See more at:

Australian scorpions can give a painful sting which can cause inflammation and pain for several hours. First aid for a sting is to apply a cold pack and to seek medical aid if pain persists. It is also a good idea to try to catch the scorpion and have it identified. The scorpion usually seen in houses is the small Marbled Scorpion. To avoid being stung by a scorpion, wear good gloves and shoes in the garden and don't leave things lying around on the floor in the house or garage. Reduce invertebrate habitat by covering compost and garbage, and cleaning up building materials around the house. Scorpions are great pest controllers in the garden, so if one is found in the house, collect it carefully in a jar and remove it to a safe distance, rather than killing it. - See more at: