Goliath goliatus male closed +90mm


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Goliath goliatus
BHGOMC - 070101
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SPECIES  Goliath goliatus male +87mm approx

ORIGIN   Central African Republic

FRAME  21.5x24.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  Not only is the Goliath beetle one of the largest of all scarab beetles, it is one of the the largest insects in the world! There are a few insects that may be longer, but the Goliath beetle is probably larger and heavier. The goliatus has an elytra that is dark brown whilst the orientalis has white mottling. They have large brown wings which are used to fly. The feed primarily on rotting fruits and tree sap. 

Please note colourations may vary. Note some may have normal abberations on elytra.