Fulgora laternaria + Cathedra serrata


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Fulgora laternaria
BHFS - 080201
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SPECIES  Fulgora laternaria + Cathedra serrata


FRAME   21.5x24.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION Fulgora laternaria - AKA peanut head bug. Specimens can grow to 8 cm. Its mouth is like a straw; it can not bite, so all it can do is suck juices from plants. In the rainforest from Mexico to Argentina where this bug is found, there are so many things that want to eat the Peanut-head Bug that it needs a lot of defenses. Scientists think that the head is supposed to imitate a lizard’s head, a complex anti-predator scheme the bug uses. The Peanut-head Bug has large spots on its underwings that look like large eyes when the bug spreads its wings. If these don’t scare away predators, the bug releases a skunk-like spray. 

Other common names:  Peanut bug, Peanut-headed lanternfly and Alligator bug

Cathedra serrata - AKA The Thorn bug or Treehopper is a member of the family Membracidae and is noted for the fantastic serrated pronotum. It is thought to enhance their camouflage or mimicry as the thorns deter predators. Only living for a few months these treehoppers pierce plant stems and feed on the sap. Wonderful looking insect.