Cave spider + Whip scorpion


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Cave spider + Whip scorpion Hypoctonus rangunensis + Kala cemeti
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SPECIES  Hypoctonus rangunensis + Kala cemeti

ORIGIN   Thailand

FRAME   20x20xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION   These arachnids are set on a skull print background.

AKA Whip scorpion or vinegaroons which are from the family Thelyphonidae. When threatened they emit a liquid which contains acetic acid ( which has a vinegar smell ). They have a similar appearance to scorpions but are non poisonous. They range in size up to 85mm and mainly feed on small insects including worms, cockroaches and crickets. They are mainly found in rotting logs and prefer dark humid underground burrows. They do not use their tail as a defense mechanism rather it is a sensory device to aid in navigation - like whiskers. 

AS SEEN ON HARRY POTTER & FEAR FACTOR !! Cave spider or Tailless Whip Scorpion. Amblypygids are unique in that they have six walking legs, whereas other arachnids have eight. The reason for this is that amblypygids' first ancestral walking legs have been modified into sensory organs. These can be twice the length of the body and are used to probe the environment.They are completely harmless and do not have venom. These are fantastic framed specimens with brown black coloured legs.

Species label back of frame 

Also available in single frames BAIHR and BEWS