Butterfly trio 3


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Butterfly trio 3
BJSIC - 100202
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SPECIES  Salamis parhassus + Idea blanchardi + Cymothe sangaris

ORIGIN  Africa / Indonesia

FRAME   20x20xD5cm Made from recycled products. 

DESCRIPTION    Idea blanchardi -   AKA rice paper or The Lucky Butterfly is a large butterfly from the family Danaidae. So named because it feeds on a poisonous host plant which makes it inedible to predators. Tree Nymphs are very large butterflies, characterised by having translucent white wings patterned with black veins, and numerous oval black spots. They are noted for their slow and very graceful flight, which gives them the appearance of white handkerchiefs floating gently on the breeze.

Cymothe sangaris - Bright orange red colouration on this African rainforest butterfly AKA Blood Red Glider.

Salamis parhassus -  AKA Forest Mother-of-Pearl. Known for its unusual greenish white pearlescent colouring this large Nymphalid is one of four which comprise the genus Protogoniomorpha. The colours change depending on angle to pearlescent white/green with tinges of pink and purple.

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  bhii-atamp.jpg     Salamis parhassus