Battus philenor female


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Pipevine swallowtail - battus philenor butterfly -American butterfly-bitsandbugs
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SPECIES  Battus philenor female

ORIGIN  North America

FRAME  16.5x16.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  AKA Pipeline swallowtail. Found in the southern half of North America. The larvae feed on poisonous pipevines which renders them toxid to predators the adults feed on the nectar of various plants such as lantana, verbenas and petunia. The fore-wing of adults is coal-black above and gray below. The dorsal hind-wing is where the males and females are noticeably different. Males have smaller cream or pale spots than females, and the spots run along the fringe of the wings. Males are also a brighter metallic blue than their female counterparts, in the dorsal hind wing region. The bottom half of the ventral hind wing of males and females is metallic blue; a single row of seven orange spots and small pale, cream dots are found at the edge of the wing within the metallic blue section. (Comstock, 1927Opler, et al., 1995Pyle, 1981Scott, 1986)

Set in white matt. Set verso side to show off the beautiful colourings.