Automeris melanops


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Automeris melanops
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SPECIES  Automeris melanops

ORIGIN   Sth America

FRAME   16.5x16.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION   Automeris is a genus of moths in the family Saturniidae. As adult moths they have no mouth parts and don't eat. They quickly mate and only survive for several days. Delicate moth with huge owl eyes on hind wings used to deter predators. Adults are strictly nocturnal (Fullard & Napoleone 2001). They remain motionless during the daytime and mimic the dead brown, red, and yellow leaves that are common in forests. Dead leaves of a number of plant species exhibit a range of colors that match the color variants of male and female Io moths in their typical resting positions . Many of the leaves have mottled patterns that enhance the mimicry of the moths.Very pretty specimen.