Acrocinus longimanus


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Longhorn beetle Acrocinus longimanus Bits & Bugs
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SPECIES  Acrocinus longimanus


FRAME   15.5x28.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION  AKA Giant harlequin beetle is a long-horned beetle from the family Cerambycidae.It has a variegated pattern of black and muted orange/tan markings on its wing covers which give rise to its name and provides useful camouflage when resting amongst lichen covered fig trees. The males have long forlegs which can be longer than the entire body. These long legs are used in attracting females and essential when climbing the branches and trunks of trees. These beetles are also able to fly short distances. They feed on sap and lay their egges on the trunks of dying / dead trees.